Download Google Chrome (Beta)

By | September 3, 2008 | 25 Comments

Here you go, Google Chrome Beta is now released and you can download it here. Enjoy.

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  • TLZ

    Just tested it. I think this might be the fastest browser I’ve ever used.

    Damn, the browserlandscape is really interesting these days. It’s so healthy. Lots of competition and innovation. :)

  • Vygantas Lipskas

    This browser is quite interesting. But looks too simple for me. Can’t wait to see its market share results.

  • media kingdom

    i’m willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox and isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

  • Mr. Osav


    Its really very nice thing

    I have not seen such a speedy and powerful browser like Google.

    All the Best to all the Google and its team

    One thing I want to say that it prompts for the password save. Usually all the browsers do this. But while opening the options of this Google Chrome it displays the password entered by the user.

    So, this is not proper. Passwords are meant for the secrecy. and if any other user finds the password then there remains no secrecy.

    I would like to continue to browsing through Google Chrome. But due to this fact I will not be able to do so. Because my passwords comes to know to other persons also. It cracks the security.

    So, I request to change something in the option menu show that while opting for show passwords it do not show the password to any other user…

    Do reply…

    Hoping for a favourable response.

  • kinglion

    hi therem i am trying to get it but i cant please can anyone help me with a direct download website for Google Chrome

    • http://Donothaveone Mary

      I would try it , I already have Google Chrome, but it will not let me download Google Chrome Beta, it say there is a >(unresponive)> error. I have worked on it all day and I am so confused. Was wondering it there anyone with help.

      Thank You

  • Download Google Chrome

    It is indeed an impressive browser even though it is still in BETA.

  • Acclamator

    uhmmm i can’t downloaded, please any cant give me the link to a alternative web


  • sheby vahid

    this is very wonderfull software

  • Still hesitant to move to Windows Vista from Windows XP?

    I had also used this browser with Windows Vista. I’ve been using it for weeks now and I haven’t encountered any problems yet.

  • Anil Dhakal

    well, may be this is a great browser but there is one problem, i cant’ figure out where to get it downloaded from? I wanted to download it directly and install but tries to download only the installer file and then install it later

  • Vygantas Lipskas

    It’s just the way Google Chrome installer works.

  • shanu

    i like the way it works…

  • ruba

    Google chrome is very nice

  • doctor

    ineed the google chrome

  • Abhineet Raj

    Really it’s the kind of product which was expected from google.

    While working on google chrome just one thing comes into mind and i.e.


  • zeke7

    What have they got against W2K diehards? Can’t even download the stub; need to find a full download file from somewhere, where I can try tricking it into ignoring my W2K status. On a XP system, it installs completely in the Documents and Settings folder, so no admin privileges needed–a nice touch for big-brother workplace computers.

  • Herojit

    from my site it is very convinence from other bowser so i ppefer it

  • Linda

    Google Chrome rocks, Very smooth

  • Jegan.L

    Chrome looks n surfs good



  • Arun

    This is a wonderful software. I never ever seen in my life. Google chrome is superb.

  • Achit

    google chrome is a best browser. I used to surf net frm this fastest browser…it is so easy n superb browser…

  • http://favbrowser-download jproctor

    i like web browsers are the best i want them all

  • mani

    itx very nice !