Download Google Chrome 64 Bit (x86-64)

By | June 3, 2014

Download Google Chrome 64 Bit (x86-64) Finally!

Just as everyone was about to forget about the possibility of x86-64 builds, Windows 7 and 8 users are about to rejoice as Google has just released the very first 64 bit builds of Google Chrome in Dev and Canary channels.

So what’s so exciting about these builds? The search giant touts three main benefits:

Performance: Thanks to all kinds of magic, the 64 bit versions of Google Chrome are on average 25% faster, especially when it comes to graphics and multimedia content.
Security: Chrome is now able to utilize Windows 8 security features like High Entropy ASLR, which hels mitigate against common exploitation techniques.
Stability: Last but not least is stability, Google says that the 64 bit version of Chrome is more stable, especially when it comes to the crash rates for the rendered process.

One of these three improvements is a good reason alone to upgrade anyway, so enough reading, head over to the following page and download it now.

Google Chrome x86-64 (Canary)
Google Chrome x86-64 (Dev)

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  1. ruaman says:

    Hopefully Opera and other Blink vendors will follow them soon.

    • Brandon Heat says:

      i dont know if any other browser than chome and opera use blink

      • sarjoor says:

        There’s Maxthon, Iron, Comodo Dragon, Torch, Coowon, Yandex, Amigo …..

        • Brandon Heat says:

          maxthon doesnt use blink, thus it cant use chrome’s extensions, i thought the rest were just using webkit

          • sarjoor says:

            I stand corrected about Maxthon. All those other ones are not old Chromium clones. Any Chromium clones based on v.25 or later in the last 14 months, which is all those browsers, are using Blink.

  2. kież says:

    Finally it will be able to hog more than 4GB of RAM :>

  3. webby says:

    but any disadvantages?

    • MacroPheliac says:

      I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find any. Maybe people with 10 year old hardware will be out of luck? They won’t be able to browse with chrome very well anyway.

  4. IE User says:

    This is very good news. More the 3rd party applications on Windows moves to pure 64bit. We have get ride of SysWow64 folder from Windows or atleast make it as optional.