Download Google Chrome 30 Beta For PC & Android

By | August 26, 2013

Download Google Chrome 30 Beta For PC & AndroidHere comes another batch of releases from Google for both Android and the PC.

Starting with Chrome 30, users will be able to search by image faster, simply right click on it (or long press if using Android) and the option will appear. While you can always just go to, not many people are aware of this feature, which is pretty awesome when you need the biggest version of the image or simply trying to identify the original source and/or the “actress” (yes, it works with GIFs too).

Here’s how it looks like:

Download Google Chrome 30 Beta For PC & Android

In addition to that, Chrome for Android got a bunch of new gestures to play with (more about them here) and most importantly, WebGL is now enabled by default! There are also a ocuple of new APIs and updates that should benefit every single one of us in the not so distant future.

That’s pretty much it.

Google Chrome 30 Beta (PC)
Google Chrome 30 Beta (Android)

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  1. rolothomasi says:

    If this version gives you the Google wallet app without the ability to uninstall it I’ll be staying with Comodo Dragon.