Download Google Chrome 28 Final

By | July 11, 2013

Download Google Chrome 28 vNow with Blink.

After the recent release by Opera that brought Blink engine to the masses, Google has now too pushed the long awaited Google Chrome 28 build to its stable channel and said farewell to WebKit.

So why should you download it anyway? As reported earlier, Chrome 28 includes a Notification Center (Windows only with other platforms coming “soon”), allowing you to not only access notifications in a user friendly way but also view missed events when the browser itself was not running. Google also revamped pop-ups so you can respond to emails without leaving the window, view images / text and more.

Download Google Chrome 28 Final

Download Google Chrome 28 Final

And if these changes are not enough for you, there are always stability and security fixes, and who does not like those?

Google Chrome 28 Final

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  1. Rafael says:

    I have a doubt… Are those notifications meant to work with websites in the wild? Are they part of any new standardized notifications API?

    • No.

      They’re for Chrome apps only, websites though can use the W3C notification API which is supported in Chrome, Safari 6 and Firefox (and I think Opera 15).

  2. Google Chrome says:

    Google chrome 28 is the fastest version for internet browsing. Among all the browsers Google Chrome is one of the best browsers because it provides the fastest browsing speed to all the users.