Download Google Chrome 19 For Ipad And Iphone

By | June 29, 2012

Download Google Chrome 19 For Ipad And IphoneSlow yet feature rich.

Well, what do you know, after the recent Google Chrome release for the Android devices, here comes another one but this time it’s for the iOS.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, the following (and first) release includes a much slower version of the WebKit rendering engine (Safari’s Nitro is 4 times faster in the JavaScript benchmarks), desktop UI and same old problems that every other browser faces: you can’t set it as a default web browser.

We are not sure when some “higher powers” will finally stepping and prevent this kind of mess but we are eagerly waiting and pointing at you, Europe.

This is how it looks like:

Download Google Chrome 19 For Ipad And Iphone

Some notable exceptions include: Incognito mode by default, data sync, unified search/address bar and more.

Google Chrome

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  1. Tiago Sa says:

    It’s slow as crap that’s what. Way way slower than the default browser.

    • Ichann says:

      Not only slow. But crashes all the times or freezes.

      Too soon to call but I do wish they waited a bit longer before release.

      The default browser is great for what it is. I am not sure we need an alternative.

      Chrome or Dolphin for that matter.