Download Google Chrome 18 Final

By | March 29, 2012

Download Google Chrome 18 FinalThe latest stable build of Google Chrome is here.

Continuing its release cycle, the search giant has pushed the version 18 to its stable channel. While there is nothing too exciting in terms of features, Google Chrome 18 does include some performance improvements.

Thanks to GPU accelerated Canvas2D, gaming and various web applications will be smoother than ever while users with older PCs will now be able to the basic 3D content due to a software backed WebGL implementation.

As always, for even more details, security and other fixes, check the following posts.

Google Chrome 18 Stable

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  1. Greg Karz says:

    no new features? seems legith

    • Gokle_Krome says:

      Doh! No keylogger included in this release so we can really be profiled?….damn. :- I think those Google guys are falling behind now!

  2. adumpaul says:

     Great news.Google Chrome 18 should be more useful in respect of 3D content.

  3. where the hell the fool download?