Download Google Chrome 18 Alpha (Dev)

By | January 17, 2012

Download Google Chrome 18 Alpha (Dev)As the search giant has recently released the Beta version of Google Chrome 17, it’s no wonder that the 18th version is already available as the Dev build.

Tagged as 18.0.1003.1, Google Chrome 18 Alpha is mostly bug fixes so far. Excluding those, there are also few minor improvements worth noting.

From now on, Google Chrome will reject weak RSA and DSA keys when validating certificate chains for HTTPS and do a better job at error handing in audio wave out.

Although this is just the first of many v18 builds that are yet to come, judging by the size of changelog, it looks like Google is gearing up for quite a release.

Google Chrome 18 Alpha (Dev) Changelog

  • Updated V8 –
  • Fixed several crashes
  • When a profile is synced, use GAIA name + GAIA photo for avatar – Use Google OAuth userinfo API to get profile information
  • Added support for manifest_version attribute for extensions
  • Eliminate drawing glitch on WebUI radio controls
  • Fixed regression with extension omnibox API where whitespace would get trimmed
  • Fix page zoom for plug-in documents
  • Fix race condition in extension service that causes extensions installed
  • Folders in the wrench menu and application menu are greyed out
  • Better error handling in audio wave out
  • Made URL filter for web request API mandatory
  • Reject weak RSA and DSA keys when validating certificate chains for HTTPS; related UI

For a complete list of fixes, see the following post.

Update: starting from build 18.0.1010.0, Google Chrome 18 also includes ability to “Rotate Clockwise” and “Rotate Counterclockwise” when viewing PDF documents.


Google Chrome 18 Dev

Out of curiosity, how many of you are using dev builds?

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  1. James says:

    I always use the Dev builds of browsers (currently have Dev versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera installed). I can sacrifice a little bit of instability for being the first to get the latest and greatest changes. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here. I don’t use them a whole lot though. Just for testing, pretty much.

    • Nikata Che says:

      Well,I like use the official versions. All the browses(I currently have Chrome. firefox ,ie and Avant browser) I installed in my computer are the official ones. I like using stable versions.

    • Saex Conroy says:

       its funny how those changes might sometimes be dropped and you are left emptyhanded

      like the firefox’s animation when rearranging tabs

  2. Imangh2000 says:

    I like you chrome (18)