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By | August 8, 2011

Not sure how our moles could have missed that, but the stable version of Google Chrome 13 is now available and is ready for you to download.

The following release includes Instant Pages, a feature announced few months ago, which is explained in the video above.

Furthermore, Google Chrome 13 Stable includes a print preview feature as well as improved omnibox and other enhancements.


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  1. Chea Sopheap says:

    is this one 13.0.782.107 the latest stable of 13 u meant?  pls kindly help to advise.!

  2. Rafael says:

    “print preview” ***INNOVATION*** *salivate*

  3. Guesty Guest says:

    I’ve got Chrome 13 installed. How do I run a quick test so that I can see this new Google Instant working on  my own computer?

    • Guesty Guest says:

      I ask because all my attempts so far don’t show anything that hints at being instantaneous, It’s just the same speed that my broadband and web searching usually is.

    • Anonymous says:

      What Google don’t tell you is that unlike Operas pipelining (which works I’ll sites) Google’s solution needs special changes serverside, which very few actually have

  4. Senina chung says:

    I will try this final version.
    Seems it’s time to make some change after keep using Avant browser foe about 5 years.