Download Firefox for iPhone and iPad

By | November 15, 2015

Download Firefox for iPhone and iPadYes, the wait is over.

Long time ago, when Firefox was still a pretty dominant web browser, Mozilla said that they see no point to release a half-baked version of Firefox for iOS that uses WebKit rather than Gecko. Fast forward to now and the open source organization is singing another song.

The result? Firefox for iOS is finally here and can be downloaded by anyone on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Yes, it uses WebKit, which makes it more of a FireFaux web browser, but Mozilla still hopes to get at least some of the users with key selling points like data sync between Firefox Desktop and Mobile, intuitive tab management, Private Browsing and flexible search.

Have you tried it already? Tell us what you think.

Firefox for iOS

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  1. Flavoi says:

    It’s ok, but I find confusing the reading list feature. I usually tap an article to “read it later” on my phone and eventually resume it on my pc. How can I access the reading list on my desktop? I’m not really sure.