Download Firefox 8 Beta

By | October 2, 2011

Download Firefox 8 BetaIncludes Twitter search and more.

Despite the last week’s Firefox 7 Final announcement, Mozilla has been working hard and already finished the Firefox 8 Beta build for you to play with.

Although you might expect just some minor changes, don’t be fooled, it includes more than that:

– Twitter Search is now in the default search engines list.

Download Firefox 8 Beta

– Restore tabs on demand allows you to load tabs of your choice, resulting in faster start up and web page load times.
– Enhanced control of add-ons, see the following page for more details.
– Tab animations.
– Improved WebSockets security.
– CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) for WebGL textures support.
– HTML5 Native Right Click Menu.
– HTML5 media elements.

Download Firefox 8 Beta.

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  1. Olfigbdmof says:

    what are these HTML5 native right click menus?

    • Shane Bundy says:

      They’re not just right-click menus, they’re special right-click menus. ;)

      They’re probably a different form of context menu that appears instead of the browser’s menu. IDK where I’ve seen it being used, though.

      • Dkgfmdfg says:

        ive tried rightclicking on HTML5 websites, but nothing is different

        • Rafael says:

          Of course it must be a special menu the developer makes available in its application.
          They must be the same as JS menus we see on Hotmail and Y! Mail for example.

  2. Guesty Guest says:

    I have been using Firefox beta since FF6 was released on the stable channel. I couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer for the memory improvements etc. I found the whole experience to be no worse than the stable channel so I have stayed with the beta channel and have in the last few days upgraded to FF8 b1.

    There seems to have been a small improvement in memory usage from FF7 to FF8 which is good. Memshrink is an ongoing project and so further improvements should be seen in FF9 etc.

    One thing I have noticed is that a lot of the features that were scheduled for release in FF9 on December 20th, especially the developer tools have been put back to the release of FF10 on January 31st 2012. Not sure why.

    So although FF8, judging from release notes etc seems to be a quiet release, it’s definitely a solid one.