Download Firefox 8.0.1

By | November 28, 2011

Download Firefox 8.0.1

Mozilla has officially released Firefox 8.0.1. What this minor release does is fix a couple of bugs, nothing major, hence why it’s a minor update.

The bugs in question are the following:

  • Fixed Windows startup crash caused by RoboForm versions older than 7.6.2.
  • Fixed Mac OS X crash that occurred in certain instances when a Java Applet is loaded with Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_29 installed.

Mozilla also took care to identify another 13 bugs in Firefox 8.0 that will be amended in a later version.

The newest version of Firefox can be downloaded from here.

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  1. Ligmfdgmdflk says:

    i think mozilla should deploy that plan to reduce memory usage by auto disabling addons whose developers refused to fix them

  2. Anonymous says:

    How about a toggle switch on the about me to put a browser in the dev and normal channel respectively.

    • Ligmfdgmdflk says:

      why would you want to use something as unstable as a developer version? it could be fast and stuff, but its a pain in the ass, i prefer the stables, so i dont have to worry about anything unexpected

      • Guest says:

        Testing the browser, testing new web sites, just trying what’s new…

        • Rafael says:

          @Ichann:disqus How about a a separate install?

          • Guest says:

            Well when I used Firefox it was tricky with switching profiles and using no-remote flag, don’t know if separate install is possible with Firefox now and don’t really care because I don’t use Firefox at this time. I just use Chrome stable and Chrome canary both separate installations and both work without problems.

          • Rafael says:

            Of course separate install is available, you can set a custom directory for the install.

          • Guest says:

            Separate install yes, but not two separate installations with two different profiles without no-remote and you have to launch the builds in order, first the normal build and then the no-remote one. That’s what I’m talking about. With Chrome canary you just install and forget…

          • Rafael says:

            Hm, I don’t know what “no-remote” means so I’ll assume it’s a Linux thing… But hey, there are multiple channels of development in Fx too: Aurora…

  3. Nikoleta Ven says:

    There are many discussions on the topic : ” which web browsers are the best”. For me, Mozilla is the winner. read more for browsers here:

    • Ligmfdgmdflk says:

      does anyone care?

      • Rafael says:

        @google-a8ffb911731c0c2922b63e9d6e55eeb2:disqus LOL, and what are the reasons??

        • Guest says:

          Faster auto-update system, which means one version to test. Firefox version usage for November 2011 is: 3.6, 6, 7, and 8. The browser doesn’t crash when one tab crashes, yes tabs are crshing in Chrome but the browser is still alive. In Firefox if one tab crashes you lose everything. With every major version extensions are breaking. Installing every extension requires restart. I think these reasons are enough. Gecko engine is good but the browser is not maintained well anymore… WebKit engine is good too but the Chrome browser is constantly evolving.

          • Mikah says:

            Opera  crashes more often than Firefox but it restarts almost instantly with all my tabs & browsing history it honestly does not bother me that it does not have multiprocess tabs.
            If Firefox crashes once a week & you lose a few seconds restarting it  who cares ?

          • Rafael says:

            I don’t even have crashes in Opera, it has been ages (I don’t use others effectively to know about them though).

            @f11fb6ae267107b31271747842115d01:disqus  @23463b99b62a72f26ed677cc556c44e8:disqus 

          • Sturrell says:

            I haven’t used the stable version of Opera since Opera 10.5 was released perhaps its more stable than it used to be.
            Multi process I don’t really know enough to take sides on the subject apart from knowing that multi threading in Opera is pretty good.

          • Rafael says:

            Oh. It must be a lot more stable…

            Oh, there’s a crash I get just after every update is applied (11.50 -> 11.51 -> 11.52) though. But they may have fixed it. They have the crash logs at last!! :)

          • Kldsjfgkfdjn says:

            i dont even use opera.. wait is that a chat client or a video player?

          • Rafael says:

            Are you trolling?
            It’s an Internet browser with crazy stuff included (mail client, IRC, Unite).

          • Guest says:

            There is restore after crash but it can’t restore everything. One example: in SSL site if you have some information in textarea and Firefox crashes you will lose the data. Data is not restored from SSL sites because of security reasons… The best way is to not lose the whole app, and not to rely completely on restore.

  4. Where are download links?

  5. Guest says:


  6. looney says:

    Palemoon >Firefox