Download Firefox 6.0.1

By | September 1, 2011

Download Firefox 6.0.1Sometime after the initial Firefox 6 release, Mozilla has announced the availability of the very first security update for both Firefox 6 and Firefox 3 branches.

Both versions fix one security vulnerability that was solved by removing the DigiNotar root certificate.


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  1. mr_den says:

    You mean Firefox 7, right?

  2. Armin says:

    Wasn’t Firefox 5.01 supposed to be the last of its kind?

  3. Tiago Sá says:


    There will still be minor updates every now and again. Major updates will only happen every 6 weeks. Meanwhile, minor updates take place, when security and stability updates are required.

    This happens with Crapome too doesn’t it?

    • Anonymous says:

      The first half of your comment is absolutely sensible but the second half is pure trolling.

      You don’t have to bash Chrome or any other browser in your every post, do you?

      No flame war guys. Let’s keep it clean.

      • Tiago Sá says:

        “The first half of your comment is absolutely sensible but the second half is pure trolling.”
        No it’s NOT! Where you do get off saying tripe like that? It was a perfectly sensible and polite comment about the quality of a rubbish web browser developed by an advertising company.

    • Your Mum says:

      Excuse me, but when i used firefox,i always needed to press a Download Update button and then wait….
      On chrome i only need to browse!
      How old are you 8?

  4. Asknobody says:

    Already version 601? Oh, sorry, only v60.1.. 

  5. O'Really says:

    Interesting Firefox 3 is still supported but Firefox 4 and 5 isn’t? This looks just wrong!