Download Firefox 5.0.1

By | July 13, 2011

Download Firefox 5.0.1Lots of Firefox news this week so here is another report for you.

Mozilla has recently published the two new builds of Firefox 5 and Firefox 3 web browser branches.

As reported earlier by FavBrowser, Firefox 5.0.1 fixes few issues in Mac OS X 10.7 and Mac OS X 10.6 operating systems:

Worked around an issue in Mac OS X 10.7 that could cause Firefox to crash
Worked around an issue caused by Apple’s “Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 5” where the Java plugin would not be loaded

What about Firefox 3.6.19? Due to an underlying platform bug, it now disables the downloadable font support for Mac OS X 10.7 users.


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  1. IE & Opera FanBoy says:

    Too many firefox versions and news… it becoming hard to track in mind which version is latest and which version is having what!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Firefox seriously has to stop showing the “What’s New” screen with every update.

    Chrome’s update model is the best and perfect.  Just copy it.  It’s open source, so literally copy and paste what they are doing.

    • Tiago Sá says:

      Hum, Chrome isn’t open source… Chromium is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, I didn’t know the update logic was a closed source module in Chrome, and not at all in Chromium (and I’m sure you don’t either, and you were just being pedantic).

    • Rafael says:

      LOL you can’t copy and paste like that, the browsers are very different, different file types, etc, you can’t just copy the update system changing nothing of it… (actually you’ll have to change everything)

      PS.: I don’t like Chrome update system and the millions of versions, they can make a mess. Things change place, get out of about:flags to interface and you can’t find it, may have bugs that affect you and you can’t choose not to update to these versions.

  3. Swiggy says:

    “Too many firefox versions and news… it becoming hard to track in mind which version is latest and which version is having what!! ”
    Exactly. Firefox works on several versions at the same time which will distract their attention. It’s not a good thing.Other browsers I used like IE chroem Avant browser never do this.

    • Tiago Sá says:

      Mozilla is working only on Firefox 5.0 and Firefox 3.6 (extended support). Soon 3.6 will be dropped and only one version will be worked on, as happens with Chrome. Also, it doesn’t slow down anyone. What slows down Mozilla is them wanting to release a new version with new features every 6 weeks, THAT slows them down.