Download Firefox 4 Beta 9

By | January 17, 2011

Download Firefox 4 Beta 9Still plenty of bugs.

As the Release Candidate build is just around the corner, Mozilla has released the 9th Beta of Firefox 4 web browser.

With more than 600 bug fixes, overhaul of the bookmarks and history code (increasing overall performance) and reducing workload during complex animations (thanks to per-compartment garbage collection), company is slowly approaching the Final release date that is February, 2011.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 9.

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  1. Anggrian says:

    tabs are now beside the firefox button.. love it!

    • Armin says:

      Don’t know why they didn’t do that initially. All they had to do was look at how Opera did it.

      • Anggrian says:

        yes it took 9 versions of beta to finally make the appearance looks like opera
        but I’m still using firefox 4 as my primary browser, I love the word dragging that you could put on different tabs. Oh also, I installed “Mac OSX font smoothing” extension on my Opera and it becomes pretty laggy with a few freezes now

  2. Rammy says:

    Not in mine!!! AHAHAHAH! Take that you freaking geeks!

  3. rambo says:

    Opera rip off smh

  4. jos91 says:

    For all the people saying Firefox 4 is an Opera rip-off: Mozilla actually showed the UI mock-ups with the Firefox-button before Opera made their Opera-button. Just sayin’.

    • max1c says:

      Opera had option to enable one button menu since Opera 10 alpha – Dec 12th 2008.

      Mozilla showed their mock ups on Nov 20th 2009. Almost a year later.

      Just sayin’.

      • Dante says:

        Opera Menu button in Opera 9 (year 2006):
        I have this button without menu bar in Opera 7.5 (year 2004).

        • mikah says:

          The Firefox menu button is pretty messy you have to use the menu bar for some things.
          Without extensions Firefox is pretty basic no idea why they needed to release so many betas.

        • max1c says:

          wow Dante I ddn’t know that it was there since O 9. But then again I wasn’t interested in that that long ago. Thanks for pointing that out :D

      • jos91 says:

        Yes, Opera had that option, but it was nothing like the current Opera-button, it was actually the same as the menubar, just put in a vertical style. Meanwhile the button shown in the mockups are pretty much the same structure that Firefox and Opera is using now. The same goes for the “Opera-button” in Opera 9, 7.5 or whatever you want. It’s just not the same.

        • max1c says:

          You can make up all excuses you want. But in Opera 10 it was almost same it is now just was split in 2 parts. Its only now they reworked it because a lot of people complained about it being confusing.

          • jos91 says:

            OK. I do not want to argue with you anymore.
            Rule No. 1: Never argue with an Opera-fanboy. You can never win. I understood that. (I bet you think Opera invented the browser.)

            Other than that I’m really sorry seeing the direction this site is moving. I refer to the quality of the posts and the majority of the visitors. This site really transformed into a simple Opera fansite (or more likely an anti-Firefox site). Let’s take a look at this post. It starts with “Still plenty of bugs.” Yes, it is a f***ing beta release. But is there any serious problem that stops you from using it. NO. And that is the problem. If you want to use, it is perfectly usable. If you want to count how many bugs it has, enjoy yourself.

            But it is just a smaller problem. The biggest problems are the visitors. Take a look at a Firefox post, all you can see is Opera-fanboys talking shit about Fiefox, and saying that Opera invented even the f***ing wheel.
            I actually feel sorry for you, because you have no better thing than coming here and bashing Firefox (which by the way you probably never really used).

            I just wanted to say that I actually liked this site, but I don’t like the site it is now, so I think I’ll stop visiting this site. I’m really tired of arguing with somebody who you cannot argue with.

            Goodbye and enjoy yourself,
            Yours sincerely

            A non-Opera-fanboy

          • Dante says:

            1. You start first.
            2. Opera 10.0 have menu button under title bar like Firefox on sketch:

        • max1c says: