Download Firefox 38 (x86-64 / 64 Bit) Developer Edition

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Download Firefox 38 (x86-64 / 64 Bit) Developer EditionAre you ready for some games?

Back when we started this blog, 64 bit software and browsers especially were just a dream. Now, it seems like everyone is working or already has one.

Latest to join the party (on Windows) is Mozilla, which has recently released the 64 bit version of Firefox dubbed Developer Edition.

While perfromance improvements are one of the biggest arguments when it comes to 64 bit software migration, there‘s one more initiative that browser developers have been aware of: 4 GB RAM limitation. Now, before you say that no one uses more than 4 gigabytes of RAM for surfing alone and there is no need for that, keep in mind this: you are right, it‘s not about surfing, it‘s about other activities. For example, with the recent Epic Games’ Unreal Engine support announcement, game developers will no longer be limited by the 32 it architecture limitations.

Firefox 38 (x86-64 / 64 Bit) Developer Edition

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  1. ahoj1234 says:

    Just to add: Vivaldi (browser) has released just today technical preview 2 which (besides of a tons of new features) also include x64 builds :)

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