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By | April 10, 2013

Download Firefox 20 FinalAfter the recent Opera release, Mozilla did too publish the final build of Firefox 20. If you haven’t downloaded it already, check the links below as it does include some nice improvements.

As we reported earlier, Firefox 20 finally includes a per window private browsing option so you no longer have to launch a separate session just to do some gift shopping.

In addition to that, users will be able to close hanging plugins, without hanging the browser itself and most importantly, enjoy the new download manager (finally).

Those are not the only changes though, see a list below:

Firefox 20 Final Changelog

– Per-window Private Browsing.
– New download experience.
– Ability to close hanging plugins, without the browser hanging
– Continued performance improvements around common browser tasks (page loads, downloads, shutdown, etc.)
– Continued implementation of draft ECMAScript 6 – clear() and Math.imul
– New JavaScript Profiler tool
– getUserMedia implemented for web access to the user’s camera and microphone (with user permission)
– canvas now supports blend modes
– Various audio and video improvements
– Details button on Crash Reporter
– Unity plugin doesn’t display in HiDPI mode
– Security fixes

Firefox 20 Final

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  1. Rafael says:

    “Per-window Private Browsing? Amateurs…” – Opera

    • Shane Bundy says:

      “Moving to Chromium? Amateurs…” ~Mozilla

      • Rafael says:

        Ha… But they’ll be part of Blink/V8 development now. They just abandoned Presto because really there was no point on playing catching up stardards support and speed with Google and the other big ones when you can get involved in the development. There’ll be no redundancy anymore (Google and others developers implement a thing, then Presto developers implement the same thing or vice versa), all human work of Opera will be working directly with Blink, you’ll see how much faster Chromium development will get now.

        On the other side they’ll be able to make Opera better, having time to implement even more useful features Firefox doesn’t has!

        • Joker says:

          Almost all so called human work have been fired out and they don’t develope the chromium and nor their stuff. They spare the money with chromium, not just work hours.

      • Zephyro says:

        Not to mention that Opera was the last of the major browsers to have private browsing feature. lolz

        Even with all the features Opera has at this moment, Firefox still gives better browsing experience. I hope that by moving to Blink they can improve it.

  2. max1c says:

    Oh wow. Firefox download manager is finally not worthless AND they even have per window private browsing. Where is this world going?

  3. Mehran says:

    Cyberfox 64-bit

    It’s really great if you have 64 bit flavour of windows