Cookie Hijacking Vulnerability In Internet Explorer

By | May 27, 2011

Cookie Hijacking Vulnerability In Internet Explorer

Facebook can be dangerous.

The Italian security researcher, Rosario Valotta, has discovered a new security vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer, which allows hackers to steal your login details. Fortunately, it’s not as alarming as it sounds.

To obtain private information, the attacker asks its potential victims to drag and drop an object across the screen and that’s what triggers the bug.

To prove his point, Rosario Valotta has created a simple Facebook game, published it online and in less than three days he has obtained more than 80 cookies from unsuspecting users. According to security researched, he had only 150 friends.

Although there is no ETA on the fix, Microsoft’s Jerry Bryant has issue the following statement:

Given the level of required user interaction, this issue is not one we consider high risk. In order to possibly be impacted a user must visit a malicious website, be convinced to click and drag items around the page and the attacker would need to target a cookie from the website that the user was already logged into.

Via: Neowin.

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