Coming Soon: New Internet Explorer 10 Features

By | August 24, 2011

Coming Soon: New Internet Explorer 10 Features As you might know, Microsoft is planning a major conference in the upcoming month, where it will share new and exciting things about its products, including Windows 8, which is rumored to receive a Beta release.

While some might expect Internet Explorer 10 announcements as well, it was not officially confirmed, up until now.

According to the comment on IEBlog, Microsoft is set to reveal more IE10 features on September 13th, at the //BUILD/ Windows conference.

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  1. IE & Opera FanBoy says:

    Thanks good to know!

  2. Can’t wait for Platform preview 3 – It looks like IE10 will score more than 300 points in HTML5 test, support WebGL and other stuff :)

  3. duri says:

    It doesn’t. It just supports Typed Arrays which are mistakenly included in the “WebGL” section at WebGL is not stable and secure enough; it likely won’t be supported in IE10.
    I’m also curious about the improvements in CSS3 support. I’ve seen animations and transitions working in some older leaked W8 build, I hope Microsoft will include support for such stuff in public IE build.
    In terms of support for newest web standards, IE10 will definitely be a great browser.