Chrome For Android To Compress Data

By | March 4, 2013

Chrome For Android To Compress DataOpera Turbo and Amazon Silk to lose another selling point.

Now here is an interesting peace of information for you. According to Engadget, Google is working on a new way to compress web data and optimize page loading times, thanks to its SPDY proxy servers.

Although no additional details were revealed about the technology itself or compression numbers, this feature can already be enabled by running:

adb shell ‘echo “chrome –enable-spdy-proxy-auth” > /data/local/tmp/content-shell-command-line’

Will it be a part of the upcoming Android 5.0 release? We will know that in about two months.

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  1. Guest says:

    Why there is no news about IE 10 for WIndows 7?

    • It was released 6 months ago, if Microsoft doesn’t care about it enough to release it on time, why should anyone else?

      There are more important news than outdated browser release for Windows 7 :)

      • Guest says:

        News is news, it doesn’t matter.
        For Windows 7 it s huge upgrade. IE10 has better CSS & HTML5 support and it is worthy upgrade for windows 7.

  2. This feature is now on Chrome Beta for Android. It can be activated via chrome://flags, in fact, it’s the first option