Chrome And Opera Optimize For Asm.js

By | November 28, 2013 | 6 Comments

Some time ago, Mozilla has revealed asm.js, a subset of JavaScript that offers tremendous performance improvements, resulting in ability to run heavy goodies like Unreal Engine 3 right in your web browser.

Now, it looks like Chrome 31 and Opera 18 are joining the fun as they too can now run Epic Games created tech demo called Epic Citadel. Who’s next, IE or Safari?

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  • Tom

    Yeah, it runs much better in Firefox…

    My results: Firefox 25.0.1, HW accel enabled: 16,2 FPS
    Chrome, latest stable (31), HW accel on: 60 FPS

    It looks and runs amazing on Chrome !

    • TNO


      Sounds like a personal problem. Fx 26.0 runs at 60+ FPS for me…

      • Tom

        Hmm, yeah, after posting, I figured it was kinda strange… Fx has “Use HW accel if available” ticked on though… I mean, is there anything else you can do to ensure it’s on ?

      • Tom

        Just tested it again, got 59.9 FPS in Fx as well. Not sure what happened the 1st time.

        Still, it’s not as smooth as Chrome. There’s some stuttering that doesn’t affect FPS, but the eyes perceive it. In Chrome, it just flows flawlessly.

        • Theodoros Agapios

          Most likely the Garbage Collection. Firefox has a disadvantage at that area.

  • cristianer

    Same performance in both browsers for me. 60 fps