Cats and Firefox Support

By | August 24, 2009

Cats ButterWhat do cats and Firefox support ( have in common? Apparently, feedback suggests that almost 50% of users arrived to support page by a mistake. Who are those to blame? Cats, of course!

Here are some comments written by people, who’ve accidentally visited support page (as from

“actually the cat walked on the keyboard”

“bent over to pick something up and accidentally leaned on the f1 key”

“Cat jumped onto laptop”


“finger too big. finger hit f1 by mistake. stupid bigfinger.”

“i was dusting, its nice to know this site exists.”

“I was stretching in my chair, and next thing I know, I’m on the FF help site. OOPS!!”

“I was using a netbook in the dark and thought I was pressing 1 but I hit F1 by mistake. Aside from that I’ve usually found the firefox support site quite helpful on the rare occasion that I’ve needed it.”

“my 2 year old was playing with the keyboard”

“My 9 month old was playing with my keyboard.”

“My baby likes to grab my computer and press buttons. She grabbed my keyboard and held the F1 button down so the Support site opened in about nine tabs.”

“My cat stepped on my laptop. ”

“My daughter is always pressing it. I never knew which button it was before now.”

“my fat finger syndrome is acting up again”

“My nails are long and I constantly hit the F1 button.”

“now I know which key my baby hit when he was banging on the keyboard.”

“Oops. Accidentally hit F1, but wow! The support site is great! Lots of info. I may have to come back intentionally! Thanks for a great product!”

“the key was hit by the telephone”

“Yes, I arrived at this site by pressing F1 key. No matter how I came here but would like to let you know – I love Firefox and thanks for provinding us this great product.”

“cat hit keys”

“Cat on keyboard”

“Dropped food on keyboard”

“my cat hit the help key….lol”

“My cat pressed F1, but it’s cool”

“my pet rat walked over my keyboard and hit the F1 Key LOL – Sorry!”

“No clue–my cat was wandering around and probably stepped on something but it was nice ending up here because I’m seeing all kinds of things that look very interesting.”

“my son was hitting some random keys on my laptop and suddenly I get this.”

Thanks to Nox for link.


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  1. gk says:

    Heh. I found this page trying to find way how to disable the f1 (help) from firefox. Since my lenovo has “hot air” coming out from the corner where the f1 button is, my kitten likes to be there and is many times a day opening the firefox help tab… this is not so bad, but when i’m not stopping it there may be hundreds of open help tabs, when i come back.