Camino 1.5.5 Released

By | February 8, 2008 | 1 Comment

Camino 1.5.5Camino, web browser for Mac OS X only got an update: 1.5.5. The following release fixes some well known bugs, for example: crashes, as well as add new features and various improvements.


  • Upgraded to version of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine, which includes several critical security and stability fixes.
  • When quitting after closing all tabs, Camino will no longer crash.
  • Opening a .url file with “Open downloaded files” enabled will no longer cause Camino to attempt to download the file repeatedly.
  • Camino will no longer crash when using the Trash button in the Downloads window.
  • Pressing Tab in an editable table view now advances to the next control properly on Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Camino now sets the default home page properly on first launch.
  • When saving a web page as a PDF from the Print dialog, Camino suggests the page’s title as the filename.
  • Camino now hides the cursor when using the Page Up and Page Down keys.
  • Upgraded the “Block Flash animations” code to use Flashblock 1.5.5.
  • Improved ad-blocking.
  • Download Camino 1.5.5 (English)
    Download Camino 1.5.5 (Multilingual)

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    1. Sprocket999 says:

      This browser just keeps getting better and better. Personally, I can’t believe how FAST it is — and I’m on dial-up! These Camino people should be applauded for their very fine efforts.

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