Browser Toolbar: Google Drops Firefox 5 Support

By | July 22, 2011

Remember the good old Google’s Firefox Toolbar? Turns out, the search giant has decided that today’s web browsers are way too advanced and such toolbar is no longer necessary.

As a result, Google will not be supporting Firefox 5 or any future versions of the web browser; and in case you miss the functionality, it prefers you to use the extensions instead.

However, if Firefox and Google’s Toolbar is a must have feature set for you, a solution would be to downgrade to Firefox 4, which is still supported by the company.

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  1. Sarjoor says:

    Uh sorry…… Firefox 4 is no longer supported by Mozilla.  Gotta upgrade to FF5 now.  One of the results of the rapid release process.

    Got to move down to FF 3.6.19 if you want a supported older version.  Actually, don’t know if 3.6.18 is still officially supported?

  2. Sarjoor says:

    Actually, I’m not sure if what you really mean is [Google Toolbar] is still supported [by Google] up to Firefox 4.  While it is true that’s what Google said, it of course really means only up to FF 3.6.19.

  3. Shane Bundy says:

    I know Google’s against older browsers, but this?!

    Sarjoor’s right: FF5 not supported by Google, FF4 not supported by Mozilla but is by Google, FF3.6 is almost unsupported, etc.

    Where does it end? Has Google started a flame war with Mozilla, or is there something I’ve missed?

  4. Arthur Ţiţeică says:

    Ohhh… good news :)
    Now I’m waiting for the day when *browsers* stop supporting toolbars.

    • everybody says:

      Opera doesn’t support toolbars.

      • Arthur Ţiţeică says:

        Of course I know that. I was talking about the other browsers which seem to have no personality of their own in order to stand out and fight a trend.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now stop supporting unwanted penetration of your freakin’ plugins in Fx, like Update Plugin etc.

    I think Mozilla is workin’ on that anway.

  6. I says:

    switch to yahoo toolbar?

  7. Tiago Sá says:

    Why anyone would need to use a toolbar like Google Toolbar is completely beyond me. Don’t you freaking have all those features already bultinto the browser? Well, into Firefox anyway, Chrome has no features.

    • Shane Bundy says:

      I was just about to make a point about that, but you beat me to it.
      Why have toolbars when you have everything you need in your browser? (except Chrome, which is more of a minimalistic testbed than a browser)

  8. Akram says:

    what a bad news :(