Block Visitors That Block Ads?

By | April 19, 2011

Block Visitors That Block Ads

As webmasters try to do their best to achieve the profit targets they desire, thanks to ad blockers in pretty much every web browser, it’s not as easy as some might think.

Well, it looks like at least one web site has found a so called “solution”: block visitors that bring no revenue.

See the picture above? That’s what happens when you visit partners web site and have NoScript/AdBlock installed.

While it does not look like a good idea to me, I am not the one paying that site’s server bills.

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Same site that W.O.T. rates as “red” in every single category?Yes.
    Do I care?No.
    I knew a site a year or two ago who did this and was a “good” site (without scams and viruses) but don’t remember the link.
    Oh and it’s stupid to do this,your actually minimizing your revenue,what if somebody has Adblock and your site is whitelisted?

  2. hops says:

    It works for me. Adblock on, FF 4.01. No such message appears.

  3. Armin says:

    I remember that this used to happen to friends who wanted to illegally stream movies on certain websites. In order to view the movies, AdBlock Plus had to be turned off. This time entire websites seem to be blocked, though.

  4. WOFall says:

    IMDB trailers don’t play if you have blocked. It may not be intended to work that way though…

  5. Brando says:

    This is a reactionary response made by those who run bad websites with bad content. Page views aren’t meaningless and you can still track those despite any extensions the user runs.

  6. Boris says:

    You can always use Opera’s built-in content blocker.

    • WOFall says:

      That’s unlikely to get around their detection, unless you don’t block the domains they test against…

  7. Jm says:

    Works with opera and ad block filters. Which I know I this isn’t an ad on I’m using but just saying.

  8. IncidentFlux says:

    I’m blocking ads by occasionally updating the Windows HOSTS file by manually copy pasting from and plug-ins are set to load on demand in Opera. All I see are play buttons and no ads. No third party solutions required.

    I’m not against ads, but a lot of the times, pages get stuck or really slow down with ads. If they fix this slowdown I don’t see the point in blocking ads anymore, since its part of legitimate commerce and they support content I want.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Which is why across-the-board content blockers like AdBlock+ suck.

    I use Operas sync’d content blocker rules to block only the stuff that causes me problems..

  10. If people were going to click on their ads they wouldn’t have installed Noscript or Adblock. Surely they can’t be dumb enough to think this will get us to click on them. :) I didn’t even know that site existed until you mentioned it.

  11. What a hoot! I just tried to go to and the Web Of Trust addon for Firefox stopped me saying that site has a poor reputation. I’d stay away from there if I were you.

  12. Above MarkG123 says he likes Opera. I laugh at everyone that uses Opera or Safari for Windows. They offer no way to block Adware Tracking Cookies like the other browsers do. Those companies don’t care about your safety or privacy. Better Privacy Addon for Firefox allows you to auto delete Flash Cookies. So, go ahead and use those junk browsers. But your Adware scanner is wearing out your hard drive trying to keep those cookies deleted. I don’t get them to start with. :) Go Firefox!

    • Mikah says:

      Numerous ways to control cookies with Opera either globally or on a site by site basis.
      Maybe Opera is too complex for simple people to learn how to use it properly.

  13. Heh. “junk browsers”. Read it, and weep: And I love the part where you said enabling cookies will wear out your hard drive. Heh.