Blast From The Past: New Yahoo! Toolbar Is Here

By | August 16, 2013

Blast From The Past: New Yahoo! Toolbar Is Here

It’s finally happening, the day we’ve been all waiting for…

Remember the days when you went to your friend’s house to fix the computer only to see dozens of weird toolbars blocking the view? So does Yahoo.

Yesterday, the Internet giant has revealed a new version of its toolbar (for the US), which allows users to quickly access all the Yahoo services as well as connect other social networks, such as Facebook and Thumblr.

In addition to that, the Yahoo Toolbar is now also available on Chrome. Other supported browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox. Want to relive the past?

Download it now.

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  1. roentgen says:

    You’re promoting toolbars now?

  2. Ahmad Alfy says:

    Who still need a toolbar?