Benchmarks: Windows 10 Mobile Edge vs. Google Chrome vs. Firefox

By | November 22, 2015

Benchmarks: Windows 10 Mobile Edge vs. Google Chrome vs. FirefoxWith the release of Windows 10 Mobile “RTM” (which is more of a Beta than the Final version of a mobile OS), guys at Rewritable have decided to test three web browsers performance: Edge (Build 10586.11), Google Chrome 46 and Firefox 42.

To keep the benchmark as fair as possible, Lumia 640 and Motorola Moto G 4G were used, as both of these share same specs:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
Adreno 305
720p screen

The result?

Microsoft Edge won in the Octane JavaScript benchmark while Firefox 42 won in the Jet Stream test:

Edge (Windows 10): 2522
Firefox 42 (Android 5.1): 2384
Chrome 46 (Android 5.1): 2284

Jet Stream:
Firefox 42 (Android 5.1): 15.545
Chrome 46 (Android 5.1): 15.115
Edge (Windows 10): 14.919

The conclusion? All browsers are equally fast and it’s just a matter of features and personal preference.

[Via: Rewritable]

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  1. LAMBDA471 says:

    Edge can be a good browser, once it supports extensions, like advertisement blocking and popup blocking, without them it’s just like IE – useless, unless a website only works in Trident. The extensions platform is what MS should’ve invested the most, performance can be worked out after all of the features have been added, because when you “fix” performance and you add some new, groundbreaking features, the performance is definitely going to suffer, so you are basically doing “one step forward, two steps back”.