Benchmarks: IE10 vs. Google Chrome 21 vs. Firefox 15 vs. Opera 12

By | September 26, 2012

Benchmarks: IE10 vs. Google Chrome 21 vs. Firefox 15 vs. Opera 12RoboHornet Alpha 1.

Just yesterday, Google has launched an open source benchmark tool called RoboHornet, which according to the search giant itself, “encompasses all aspects of browser performance and everything that matters to web developers, like performance of layout and localStorage”.

Now, before you get all cranky and claim that it’s just another useless test to demonstrate Chrome’s superiority, you might want to check the results first.

Tested web browsers

Internet Explorer 10
Google Chrome 21
Firefox 15
Opera 12

Benchmark results

Benchmarks: IE10 vs. Google Chrome 21 vs. Firefox 15 vs. Opera 12

As shown by TomsHardware, IE10 is the leading web browser in Google’s own test suite, followed by Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Impressive? We think so.

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  1. ghaith says:

    what about chrome 22??

  2. Impressive indeed! ;) But I would stick with Opera because it offers much more features then IE 10.

  3. roentgen says:

    An index of 100 means it is in the middle of [the current crop of stable browsers on “average” hardware].

    Now that makes me wonder what that 208 score means… God-powered speed on alien hardware? Like people haven’t actually seen IE 10 ;)

  4. IE IE IE says:

    Just simply the winner. If you have IE10 – uninstall all other browser and save some space in your computer.

  5. alayli says:

    I think Google made this test purposely to convince people. Because every test that made by Google, Chrome was first.

  6. regbs says:

    Good to see IE10 did well on this benchmark. On my Widows 8 Release Preview Evaluation copy Build 8400, IE10 is useless. IE10 constantly locks up and freezes on sites as diverse and undemanding as Gmail, Speed Test – you name it, even its own Bing homepage. I’m pulling for MS to get its browser back up to speed. Cloud-based SkyDrive is fantastic. As far as IE10, it’s disturbing that IE10 would run better on Windows 7 than on a late build of Windows 8 that’s due for consumer release in a month.