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By | March 28, 2008 | 6 Comments

AT&T Pogo Web BrowserAT&T is currently working on a Mozilla Firefox based, 3D web browser called “Pogo”. At this moment, Pogo is open for private beta testers only. So why exactly you should be interested in this web browser, when there are already dozens of them? Pogo allows you not only to surf the web, use visual tabbed browsing, but also organize your music, video and pictures.
While we’re still waiting for more details about Pogo, here’s a video for you to check:

Pogo Demo

Visit Pogo home page.

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  1. konfusion says:

    Looks taxing in terms of resources…

  2. Jake says:

    Ive got this better
    Its nice But it is only for windows, and my 3 year old laptop did not meet the recomended requirements :P
    The history and favourites or “Spring Board” is more of a novelty than a cool new feature.

  3. atabak says:

    how to download and used pogo browser?

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