April, 2013 Desktop Market Share: Firefox, Safari – Up; Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera – Down

By | May 13, 2013

It’s that time of the month again as we gather data from the NetApplications to get a clearer picture of the ongoing browser wars. What has changed since last time? Let’s find out.

After a slowdown in its growth last time, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has since experienced a decrease in its market share, down from 55.83% to 55.81% (0.02 point decrease).

Firefox on the other hand is slowly edging away from the 20% market share mark, up from 20.21% to 20.30% (0.09 point increase).

Reaching its market share peak back in August, 2012, Google’s Chrome numbers have since been like a bumpy ride, this time its share increased by 0.1 point, from 16.45% 16.35%.

Just like Google Chrome, Safari too saw no real significant or losses over the period of one year, up from 5.31% to 5.38% this time (0.07 point increase).

With no major Opera releases in sight, its market share has dropped by 0.01 point, from 1.74% to 1.73%.

That’s all for now, folks.

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  1. hehe says:

    Opera is taking thier time. Hopefully new version going to be good, otherwise they going to lose more users than they going to gain.

    • dante says:

      New version of Opera will be like Chrome. Big, boring and with some simply features. And Chrome still loose his market share.

  2. IE User says:

    Opera is becoming irrelevant , unless they have some killer feature than chrome.
    IE & Chrome is enough in the internet.

    • dante says:

      Opera will be like Chrome without Google spyware. This is killer feature!
      You forgot that Firefox is still above Chrome.

      • Conroy says:

        Current Opera’s rendering engine Presto still has trouble with some websites, and then, WebKit is a really nice rendering engine, too bad that so far all of the WebKit browsers suck balls.

        Safari is no longer developed for Windows, Chrome has become really slow with almost nothing new happening there. 3rd party WebKit browsers as just a pain to use as they are extremely unstable and lack so much important features.

        Opera is about leaving a small memory footprint, so I hope they will keep it that way even after implementing the new engine.

    • Dr. Sexmate says:

      Opera is already irrelevant. The mail client is supposed to be their killer feature, but in 2013 it’s not that great and if you want trhow out Google “spyware”, then use SRWare’s stuff or the other half million Chromium fork.

    • hehe says:

      notes, sessions, ability handle lot of tabs and stability.
      closed tabs thing is my favourite though.
      32 bit and 64 bit verson thing also cool.