Apple Safari 4

By | June 11, 2008

Safari 4Yes, Safari 4 (5526.11.2) developers preview was released by Apple some time ago and it looks promising. Because of the SquirrelFish (WebKit’s core JavaScript engine) on which they’re working, Safari 4 is 1.6 times faster than their previous interpreter. As Apple notes:

“Snow Leopard also includes Safari,” … “with the fastest implementation of JavaScript ever, increasing performance by 53 percent.”

Here are SunSpider benchmark results:

Safari 4
More is better (SunSpider runs per minute).

Among JavaScript improvements, Safari 4 also features:

Overhauled web inspector
Ability to save websites as a desktop application

Safari 4

Full page zoom
CSS animation, gradients, masks, reflections and transform support.
More options for new windows and tabs

Safari 4

Also, it passes Acid 3 test. More Safari 4 features should be revealed within the upcoming releases.

You can try Safari 4 yourself, if you are a registered developer.

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  1. Exec says:

    “CSS3 animation, gradients, masks, reflections and transform support.”
    Since when is that part of the CSS3 spec?

  2. Fixed that Exec, thank you.

  3. ikebana says:

    The speed is great , but it should be free of other problems like security etc that the previous version had . I will download this version as soon as possible.

  4. Aquila says:

    First vulnerability found in Apple Safari 4 – NULL pointer denial of service: