Android, iOS, BlackBerry Affected By A Serious WebKit Vulnerability

By | February 29, 2012 | 4 Comments

Android, iOS, BlackBerry Affected By A Serious WebKit VulnerabilityWebKit, a rendering engine used by a variety of mobile web browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari, appears to have a very serious flaw, which allows attackers to take a complete control over your smartphone.

According to George Kurtz, the former CTO of McAffee, who have co-founded a new security startup CrowdStrike and discovered the vulnerability, this means that pretty much every smartphone and tablet has this flaw. He has also confirmed that Windows Phone users were not affected.

No further details were revealed.

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  • Shane Bundy

    After looking through WebKit’s code myself (I’ve built it from source before) I can see multiple security issues with it. It’s too “simple”.



      I wonder how many of those are used and not reported

    • Mikael Dahl

      You should report them, you can earn money..

      • Shane Bundy

        It’s not Chrome (Google are the ones who pay people for finding security flaws). In fact Chrome makes WebKit safer because of the sandbox environment Chrome runs. Safari has only jeopardised it, but I see no such thing with Safari 5 (yet).