Adobe Flash: The End is Near as BBC Joins the Party

By | October 1, 2015

Adobe Flash: The End is Near as BBC Joins the Party A death by the thousand sites.

BBC, one of the major content providers in the world, has announced its plans to fully ditch Adobe’s Flash in its iPlayer and replace it with none other than the HTML5.

As of this week, there is now a new opt-in beta program, which invites pretty much everyone to try the new iPlayer, which features a much more mobile and desktop friendly user interface and MPEG-DASH streaming standard.

According to BBC, the HTML5 player will be gaining feature parity with the Flash player in the coming months. Oh, but before you start your celebration dance, keep in mind that these browsers won’t be able to join the Beta program:

Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1 or below
Safari on Mac OS X
Opera on Mac OS X 10.8 or older
Firefox on Linux or other UNIX-based operating systems
Windows Phone 8.1 or below
Android 4.3 or older

Now, what about Facebook?

[Via: BBC, Neowin]

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