AdLeaks: A Whistleblower Friendly Web Technology

By | June 25, 2013

Researchers Working On A Whistleblower Friendly Web
The power of the web.

Now here’s an interesting take on leaking private data. Researchers in Germany are working on a new, ad based platform that would allow whistleblowers to share the information without compromising their positions.

And here is how it works: a web site will embed AdLeaks ad, which contains a code capable of encrypting an empty message with the AdLeaks public key and sending it back to their servers.

AdLeaks: A Whistleblower Friendly Web Technology

Or if you want to get more technical, here is what they say, “A whistleblower’s browser substitutes the ciphertext with encrypted parts of a disclosure. The protocol ensures that an adversary who can eavesdrop on the network communication cannot distinguish between the transmissions of regular browsers and those of whistleblowers’ browsers. AdLeaks ads are authenticated so that a whistleblower’s browser can tell them apart from other code. Consequently, whistleblowers never have to navigate to any particular site to communicate with AdLeaks once our ads are sufficiently widespread.”

If you are interested in trying AdLeaks, guys behind the platform have just finished the very first version and are looking for testers.

Head over to the following page for more details.

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