AdBlock: Only 9.5% Of All Ad Whitelist Applications Are Accepted

By | October 8, 2013

AdBlock: Only 9.5% Of All Ad Whitelist Applications Are AcceptedResults are better than expected.

In its first release of statistics on the Acceptable Ads, AdBlock has revealed some interesting numbers that are worth mentioning.

According to a post by Ben Williams, they have rejected over 50% of all whitelist applicants (777) because their ads were not acceptable. In addition to that, they have only accepted 9.5% of all applicants, although the number is misleading due to the fake applications and/or communication breakdowns.

Lastly, for people wondering whether or not AdBlock is corrupt and will only whitelist advertisers that have “contributed” to the project, 90% of 148 whitelisted applicants were accepted for free, which means that they did not have to pay a thing. However, as stated in the blog post, “all whitelisted ads must at all times conform to Acceptable Ads criteria, regardless of whether the advertisers behind them pay or not.”, so you also have that.

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