AdBlock for Google Chrome Now Blocks Ads

By | July 21, 2010 | 11 Comments

AdBlock for Google Chrome Now Blocks AdsThe latest version of Google Chrome extension called AdBlock is now able to not only hide ads, but also prevent them from downloading at all.

Add-on version 2.0 uses “beforeload” event, that was added by Apple to their WebKit engine sometime this year, and made its way into Google Chrome 5.

You may download AdBlock extension from the following page.


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  • narzędzia pneumatyczne

    That is really cool. I mean this event. I hope Opera and FF will copy it ASAP :)

    • vvaa

      Opera allredy have it long time ago with thier Ad-blocker

    • Ove

      Opera and FF have had ad blocking capabilities for a loooooong time…

      • ffff

        Ad block, yes, but they still download ad, at least opera, not ff ext

        • aavv

          Opera when you use Ad block will block it from the source (means not downloading)

    • Foo

      Shouldn’t readystatechange work just fine?
      @vvaa & ove
      He’s talking about the beforeload event, not ad-blocking.

      • vvaa

        Hony this is waht I am talking about

        Opera do that thing (prevent this from downloading)  before any other browswr

        • Foo

          Are you delusional, do you simply make up your own version of  what other people write, or can you simply not read?

          • vvaa

            Opera make the block before event
            just use this fillters (or your own filter) & watch opera downlading elemnets form dragonfly or any other analysis software
            and see for your self

  • Ru-board

    Use AdMuncher – its cut ads in text code before all browsers get it.

  • Simonmiller1972

    The original Adblock Plus is much better: