AdBlock Comes To Internet Explorer

By | June 19, 2013

AdBlock Comes To Internet ExplorerIf the only reason for not using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was a lack of official AdBlock extension, then we got some great news for you.

Guys at AdBlock have just released the very first build of its highly popular add-on that will work with IE8 and above. Unfortunately, due to platform limitations, it’s for x86 instruction set only and the add-on must be running a desktop version of Internet Explorer, so no more Metro for you.


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  1. Conroy says:

    that gives me an actual reason to use IE 10

  2. cristianer says:

    Mmmm, let’s give a try to IE again after 8 years.

  3. Just a few quick corrections:
    – it’s runs on both 32- and 64-bit Windows
    – it’s compatible with IE6+

    …and it’s called Adblock Plus :)


  4. IE User says:

    Finally shuttle starts landing on IE ground. Good for IE!

  5. Boray says:

    Hmmm… IE already has an adblock feature built in. But to confuse everyone, it’s called “tracking protection”: