Acid3 Test Updated

By | September 21, 2011 | 22 Comments

ACID3 Test Updated

Makes life easier for the browser programmers.

Earlier this week, Ian Hickson, author of the Acid3 test has informed community about the update. According to the source, specific implementation checks of features have been disabled as they are likely to be heavily modified in the future or completely removed.

As a result, Firefox 6 and Internet Explorer 9 web browsers now achieves a perfect 100/100 score.

[Thanks, Blake, RamaSubbu SK]

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  • Anonymous

    The latest build (1065) of Opera 12.00 pre-alpha also receives a perfect score. 

    • Rafael


    • Daniel Juhl

      Most browsers does… ACID 3 is old…

      • Anonymous

        So what they meant by saying “Firefox 6 and Internet Explorer 9 web browsers now achieves a perfect 100/100 score” was that they didn’t achieve a perfect score because of errors in the test?

        • mr_den

          It says “…specific implementation checks of features have been disabled…” I think this means they cut some tests that were only for some browser(s). This could cause FF6 and IE9 to not pass those tests.

        • Rafael

          Because these browsers didn’t achieve 100/100 before, and with this update they get 100/100 alongside with the browsers that already had 100/100 before. :)

        • LSD

          yes some parts of the test were never included in the final spec

  • OP

    Not just the latest snapshot of opera

    im using 11.51 stable and its score a perfect 100/100

    • Anonymous

      Strange. I tried it in 11.51 and I got 97/100. Maybe I had changed some setting that altered the score. 

      • Rafael

        Yes, it might be an extension.

      • Anonymous

        Extensions nearly always break the standards adherence.

        Also make sure you do not have fit to width enabled or javascript disabled.

      • Teko

        My Opera (11.51) make 65/100. o.o

        And no, I don’t have extensions…

        • Rafael

          UserJS, UserCSS, content blocking (?)… It can be many things. Opera does 100/100 on acid3 for everyone since a long time and they keep it so if you got 65/100 it’s sure a problem on your side.

    • Dante

      Opera 10.0 (sep.2009) pass ACID3 test. 

  • Olfigbdmof

    its high time Acid4 appears

  • daPhyre

    How interesting! Now all browsers should easily achieve Acid3 to 100% =P

    Hold it! Chrome 12 achieved only 98!? oO

    • daPhyre

      Correction: I was just informed that extensions can change the result. Just tested it in Incognito, and I achieved the 100% :D… (And a “You shouldn’t been seeing this at all” :S )

      • Anonymous

        “To pass the test, a browser must use its default settings…” – from the test page. 

  • bert

    acid 4 was said to appear once acid 3 got 4/5 major browsers to pass.
    it shouldn’t be to far away

  • kls

    IE9 misses the shadow behind “Acid3″ (see screenshot in the post).

    “the final page has to look exactly, pixel for pixel, like this reference rendering.”

  • Sunflowers_2

    Firefox 6.0.2 now 100/100 Acid3.

    • Rafael