A Mysterious Company Buys AdBlock

By | October 5, 2015

A Mysterious Company Buys AdBlockFor an undisclosed amount of cash.

AdBlock, the extension that has over 40 million active users, has been acquired by the anonymous company that was asked not to be named. Following the deal, AdBlock will begin using the Acceptable Ads List that is controlled by the AdBlock Plus, for his reason alone, many speculate that the buyer was Eyeo GmbH, the company behind AdBlock Plus.

However, AdBlock Plus has since denied the rumor.

Any guesses?

[Via: TheRegister]

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  1. tiagos says:

    AdBlock? Who still uses it? Wasn’t it discontinued a long time ago? Like 2007?

    God, I feel old.

    • naruto_Fanboy says:

      Everyone uses it why wouldnt they?

      • tiagos says:

        I’m not sure you understand the difference between AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. Two different pieces of software. So much so that, in the article, it’s said to be thought that the company behind AdBlock Plus was the one who bought AdBlock.