64 Bit Version Of Firefox Could See Further Delays

By | June 29, 2015

64 Bit Version Of Firefox Could See Further DelaysHere we go again…

Back in the day, Internet Explorer on Windows was the only web browser that had a native 64-bit build, then other vendors followed, including Mozilla, which was hinting at the upcoming 64 bit builds for the general availability too. However, then they changed their mind and the development has slowed down.

Fast forward to 2014 (or fast backward) and after pretty much everyone had a native 64 bit build, the open source organization has again promised to bring the now necessary x86-64 architecture support on Windows to Firefox.

So what did just happen? Well, it looks like Mozilla has changed their mind again and will re-evaluate the need for the 64 bit client on Windows, as the company’s internal document states the following, “Before we continue to invest in the plan, we need to identify the market reward to either acquire or retain users vs. the cost of getting to GA” General Audience,”

So here you have it, folks. Maybe next year.

[Via: ComputerWorld]

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  1. motang says:

    “Maybe next year.” When pigs fly!

  2. mikeycali says:

    I use the 64-bit Nightly build and enjoy it most of the time. Fortunately, when an issue or stability problem arises, it generally only lasts a day or two before it is fixed. I would prefer a stable Firefox 64-bit build though.

  3. Michal Špondr says:

    It’s going to be released together with stable version of Hurd.