55% Of Firefox 4 Users Move To Firefox 5 In First Week

By | July 1, 2011

55% Of Firefox 4 Users Move To New Version In First WeekIn the week after the arrival of Firefox 5, Firefox 4’s market share dropped by more than half, going from 16% to 7.2% according to analytics company StatCounter. During the same period, Firefox 5’s share of the market rose form 0.50% to 10%, signifying that the new version took on the decline of Firefox 4 and more.

By comparison, Chrome’s most recent upgrade made Firefox’s gains seem less dramatic. With the release of Chrome 12, Chrome 11’s share plummeted from 17% to 2.7% in the first seven days, a drop of approximately 84% in usage. Chrome 12’s market share, on the other hand, jolted up from 0.70% to 15.5% in the same time frame.

Firefox 3.6 stayed flat during the same seven days that Firefox 5 rose and Firefox 4 fell, likely due to the latter’s opt out update offer, which Firefox 3.6 lacks, having effectively moved users to the next edition.

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  1. YoKeekko says:

    Finally auto updating works.. thanx for fix FF :)))))).

    • Tiago Sá says:

      Lol, each time Mozilla releases a new version of Firefox, their market share goes down.

      And still there’s people who think Chrome’s market share is on the rise because of its quality XD

      • Asknobody says:

        With every Firefox release its market share goes down because people are just tired of waiting when FF will be simple and intuitive like Chrome. And with each FF release more and more people just give up on Mozilla and jumps Chrome ship.

        • Tiago Sá says:

          Ahah, you’re confused.

          While Chrome is indeed simple, as in basic, it’s not simple, as in clear (or intuitive, as you put it). Features are buried in weird menus, lacks support for basic features like print preview, and lacks any sort of proper customization. Chrome is very simple, and it’s fantastic that people like it. But people like MS Paint too, you know? It might be good at *absolutely* nothing, but that won’t stop them. Well, Chrome at least is good at something: displaying web content fast and in a direct-to-the-point way. Most people want that, but SOME people want more.

          “People” leave Firefox for many reasons. “People” install Chrome for one: marketing.

          • Asknobody says:

            Print preview? What an essential feature to have! How many people can live without it? Millions. People install Chrome for 1 reason – because for them Chrome is good enough. Works great with Facebook (FF lately brakes Facebook too often). Works great with Gmail (you get notifications). and so on. They don’t care about print preview. If they would, Google would developed such feature, but probably nobody cares much about it

          • Tiago Sá says:

            As I said. Google doesn’t ask what the user might need. They ask what the user can do without. That’s like a Porsche 911 RS3. It’s very fast and very nimble, but you wouldn’t use it as an everyday car. You’ll probably want something with a bit more consistency, satnav, airbags and whatnot, full of extras… The lot.

            Firefox’s that car.

            Browser, I mean.

          • Maxim says:

            So what you are really trying to say here is use Opera.

          • Nobody says:

            he would, if opera didnt need special kind of roads, that noone cares to build