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October, 2009 – Firefox, Safari and Chrome Market Share Goes Up; IE, Opera – Down

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October, 2009 – Firefox, Safari and Chrome Market Share Goes Up; IE, Opera – DownIt’s that day of the month again, when we check and let you know, which web browser is becoming more and/or less popular. So let’s begin.

Not surprisingly, Internet Explorer lost more market share and went down from 65.71% to 64.64% (1.07 point decrease).

Celebrating its 5th birthday, Firefox market share went up from 23.75% to 24.07% (0.32 point increase). Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Firefox

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November 9, 2004, that’s when Firefox 1.0 was released. Today, 5 years later, with over 330 million users and a big chunk of market share, Firefox is celebrating its 5th birthday.

Happy Birthday!


Weekly Browsers Recap, November 9th

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Weekly Browsers Recap, November 9th

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Firefox 3.5.5 Released

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Firefox 3.5.5 ReleasedAs Firefox 3.6 nears its release, Mozilla has finished one more stability update for Firefox 3.5 branch.

Version 3.5.5 fixes a total of 5 bugs and can be downloaded from the following page.


Web Inspector Receives an Update

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As of yesterday, nightly builds of Webkit now includes a significantly updated version of Web Inspector.

There are quite a few changes, so let’s take a look at them.

Editing Element Attributes and Style Properties #
Web Inspector Receives an Update Continue Reading

Google Chrome DOES NOT Have 30 Million Users

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Google Chrome Does Not Have 30 Million UsersIt seems that press is picking up a story about Google’s Chrome users count. What they fail to realize is the fact that browser had 30 million active users more than 4 months ago.

“It’s been an exciting nine months since we launched the Google Chrome browser. Already, over 30 million people use it regularly.”
Posted on 7/07/2009.

So, no, Chrome does not have 30 million users, it has over 40 million of them.

Market share:
July, 2009 – 2.59% – 30 million users reported
October, 2009 – 3.58% – ~38% increase = 41 million + users.


Google Chrome 4, Now With Bookmark Synchronization

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The latest beta release of Google Chrome 4 has received a bookmark sync feature. Now you will be able to synchronize bookmarks across multiple computers.

In addition, this release performs 30% faster than it’s predecessor (Google Chrome 3) in Mozilla’s Dromeao DOM Core Tests.

Google Chrome 4, Now With Bookmark Synchronization

Download Google Chrome 4 Beta.


Opera Software Blocking Some Countries (Fixed)?

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Here’s what I have received, after clicking on a link from RSS feed.

Opera Foreign COuntries

As you can see, some countries are being blocked from accessing certain pages OR could be just a temporary issue/bug.

EDIT: Upon closer investigation, it appears that instead of regular link, it lead to a Chinese Opera site, which caused this issue.


Opera Mobile 10 Beta Arrives

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Today, Opera Software has revealed a new Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Symbian platform. One of the very first changes you’ll notice is a new home screen, which is almost identical to recently released Opera Mini 5. Continue Reading

Weekly Browsers Recap, November 2nd

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Weekly Browsers Recap, November 2nd

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