1,000 Firefox OS Phones Ordered Within Few Hours

By | April 24, 2013

1,000 Firefox OS Phones Ordered Within Few HoursAlready out of stock.

Now here is something that will make Mozilla’s Firefox OS fans happy. According to the recent report, the open source organization sold out all their phones in just a few hours.

Although Geeksphone manufactured a total of 10,000 FOS phones (mostly for Mozilla employees and other partners), only 1,000 of them were shipped, which caused the supply issues. Interestingly enough, Geeksphone founder and CEO Javier Aguera said that they were surprised at the quick reaction and the number of people who were trying to buy a Firefox OS phone.

Let’s see if this trend continues.

[Via: Forbes]

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  1. MacVities says:

    1000 phones. That’s truly pathetic.

    • Shane Bundy says:

      I don’t think Mozilla knew their demand. It’s better to avoid manufacturing at a loss if you don’t know what the interest is.

    • Maxim says:

      I would say it’s impressive people buy these at all.

    • Guesty Guest says:

      No it’s not. 10,000 made. 90% of them given to employees and partners. 1000 released to the market for sale to the public. All 1000 snapped up. Clever stuff. Quite a large test sample from which to learn a lot and get some quality feedback without manufacturing 20,000,000 phones and then either struggling to sell them or having them go massively wrong and annoy a wide range of people across the world. Also, by making sure that most of the people who have an FOS phone are Mozilla employees, they can probably keep a bit more of a lid on things if they don’t work so well.

  2. mistermysteryguest says:

    Any links for a phone review?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mozilla is going to provide for free 500 geeksphones for Reps and Mozillians. ;)