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By | March 28, 2008

Site looks different in Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari, OperaYour site looks different in Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari, Opera and any other web browser? If you’re a web developer, then you must know that making the web page to look exactly the same on every web browsers is a hard job to do.
Fortunately, there’s a solution to eliminate the differences in padding and margin for all web browsers. All you have to do is insert the following code into your CSS:

* {

I’m still using this trick. However, today I’ve found that there’s one disadvantage of using this. According to Christian Montoya:

It’s very heavy on the rendering agent to apply rules to every single element in the document, especially with large web pages, and this can also destroy a lot of good default styling, especially when you want to have default styled submit buttons.
I learned from KuraFire Network that it’s far better to have a complete list of default settings to apply from the beginning that targets the specific browser inconsistencies. I use something very similar to what is described at “Starting with CSS: revisited” site down: use my initial.css copy with the addition that I apply font-family:inherit; to inputs, textareas and buttons. It works great and there’s no need for the * selector.

Read his post here.

What about you? What tricks are you using?

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  1. konfusion says:

    I use that – I do custom margin/padding anyways, so it’s not like it will make a difference. It still bugs me having to unbreak my site for IE though. IE8’s great, but most companies are still using IE5/6… I doubt they’ll switch to the newest.