Safari’s JavaScript Engine on Asteroids

By | September 23, 2008

SafariQuite a while ago Opera updated their JavaScript engine. Then Firefox and Webkit (Safari) did that, after that Google Chrome and Firefox again, and now… Webkit’s (Safari) turn, introducing SquirrelFish Extreme.

So how fast is it? As this graph shows, it’s more than 2 times faster than the original SquirrelFish, an engine which was announced not so long time ago.

Safari’s JavaScript Engine on Asteroids

As blog post says… Why is it so fast? Basically they are using 4 different technologies which are: Bytecode Optimizations, Polymorphic Inline Cache, Context Threaded JIT and Regular Expression JIT.

If you would like to try this new JavaScript engine, feel free to try one of the Webkit nightly builds.

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