Opera 10.10 Beta Released, But Is It Faster? Updated

By | October 14, 2009 | 11 Comments

Opera 10.10 Beta Released, But Is It Faster?First Opera 10.10 Beta has been just released and can be downloaded from the following page.

This release now includes Opera Unite platform with applications such as: Media Player, File Sharing, Photo Sharing and more. Also, experimental crash feedback and various bug fixes.

As changelog is not yet released, we are not aware of any other new features.

On the other hand, BetaNews reports that Opera 10.10 is actually slower is some areas than its predecessor.

Opera 10 Beta 1 tended to post slower rendering times than the stable version, with the exception being a slightly faster rendering score in XP.

Opera 10.10 Beta Released

Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks for tip.

Update: Changelog is here!


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  1. vladdNS says:

    Something is not right about this graph from BetaNews and the story. If Safari, Chrome 3 and 4 are best(fastest), and IE8 is slowest that means “more is better”. On graph, Opera 10.1 has more points then latest stable release of Opera 10, so it is FASTER, not slower.

    • Foo says:

      I’m confused by the reference article, but I think they are saying that the new beta is faster on XP but slower on Vista.

      • somebody says:

        Actually , the graph presented here says its for Vista SP2, and Opera 10.10 is a little faster than Opera 10 here. So either the graph was wrong or the article was wrong.
        Also, i think a performance comparision wasnt required yet coz Opera 10.10 beta was released to launch Unite into Beta, not to show performance improvements. 10.10 still uses the same rendering engine as Opera 10.
        If they are looking for performance gains in this beta, they got it completely wrong coz that was not the point of this Beta at all. The point is “Unite” .

  2. Foo says:

    That’s a horrible graph… why do they always have to ruin things just to make it ‘look nice‘.

  3. Well it doesn’t use a different version of Presto so why would it be faster?

  4. Iron84 says:

    but more important…

    who the fuck cares? mouse gestures alone make browser experience 2x faster than any JS improvement.

    also, when carakan arrives, the other browser will crap their pants.

  5. Mike says:

    Why all of this focus on speed? All of this splitting of hairs over a couple of milliseconds. Resource use is far more important.

    Unfortunately, Opera 10 does seem to be more of a resource hog than previous incarnations, even compared to Firefox.

    • Justin says:

      Well I’ve read that opera uses an amount of memory that is suitable to the computer your using. Like it only uses lots of memory or resources if you have the memory to give up. I’ve actually seen this between my old desktop with 512 mb and my laptop 4gb. It seems to use more memory on the laptop than my desktop.

  6. gadgetpure says:

    I still don’t believe from that graph that Opera 10 is slower than Firefox. I use Opera 10 with turbo enabled. Lot lot faster than firefox even if decreased image quality

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