Tips: Opera, Load Flash, Java On Click

By | March 13, 2012 | 8 Comments

Tips: Opera, Load Flash, Java On ClickIf you don’t want the Flash or Java content to be loaded when you visit web sites, here is a simple trick, which will load plug-ins on demand (aka when you click on the content).

- Go to Preferences (CTRL+F12) > Advanced > Content
- Check “Enable plug-ins only on demand”
- Save settings

[Thanks, Sjano]

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  • Anonymous

    Come on man. This is news?

    Oy Vey


      Nope, it’s a tip ;)

  • Guest

    Thanks … I needed this.

  • Armin

    I have always wondered, surely loading times are improved when doing this, right?


      Should be :)

    • Operagogo

      Not only loading times but also size of RAM that Opera is consuming ;)

    • Barske Kjekken

      Sure does. Great to use on netbooks and so on. (Though i use it on all my computers, Since pages load faster.
      Also if you can’t find the play button, you also get on in the addressebar.

  • adumpaul

    Useful instruction to customize Opera. Thanks for sharing.