RIP Opera (1994-2013)

By | February 19, 2013

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. Guest says:


  2. bob says:

    A great step towards UNIFICATION OF STANDARDS – get rid of obsolete instead of adding yet another. Congrats for courage opera, you shall NOT be missed!

  3. Tiago Sá says:

    Firefox rules all.

  4. PC`EliTiST says:

    Let’s be realists here… Opera lately was bloated with many “nonsense” features. In fact, so many that they forgot their banner “The fastest browser on Earth”. Speed, memory management and javascript engines, all left behind because features like torrent-client, Unite and even mail client, were draining recources. Opera left behind generally; they couldn’t keep up. Even on Hardware Acceleration… The day Opera announced HWA, I wrote a comment on that article, “Goold luck Opera users; This is going to be a long trip until you get proper HWA”. And it proved true…

    Let’s see now what is going to happen. I might remove Chromium and install Opera with Webkit when it will be avaliable, as secondary browser, of course. My main is and always will be Firefox. Disappointed Opera users would be great to jump on Firefox… Let’s gather and support a different engine.

    • Rafael says:

      Firefox… No, thanks.

      I don’t know why you say “lately” it has been bloated… The torrent capability and integrated e-mail client are two of the older features that have been implemented. The e-mail client wasn’t “draining resources” for nothing, they really offer it as a serious feature for its users, making improvements now and then…

      • Jc says:

        Firefox ftw! and I use both chrome and firefox!

        • Rafael says:

          Yeah because suddenly Firefox has all the features and customization choices I have in Opera out of the box.

          • Jc says:

            Well I used Opera for like 2 months and I liked because of the Dial up, (which Firefox added) and Opera turbo, but since almost everybody has a stable and fast conection it is useless.

          • jayjam says:

            Almost everyone has a stable and fast connection? Really? You must not be getting around the world much.

          • Jc says:

            I live in a “Underdevelopment” country, I pay 20 dollars for 1Mbs/0.25Mbs internet conection, it is not that fast, but fast enough to considerate opera turbo as useless.

          • jayjam says:

            You are lucky to have a landline then. You are even lucky to have a connection at all. Now try a mobile connection…

            Most of the world has really crappy lines. That’s just a fact. That you personally have crap but not as crap as the crappiest doesn’t change that.

          • Jc says:

            I know Im lucky I have an internet conection, and you are right about the mobile connection, I myself use opera mini for my phone and I have to say when it comes to reduce the data usage, Opera is the best.

          • Rafael says:

            Firefox “Speed Dial” new tab page is useless. You can’t define the pages you want there manually.

          • Rafael says:

            I have to bookmark it before being able to add it there? Wosh…

            Let me get more than 9 sites now… And keyboard shortcuts for the sites added…
            And notes panel, mouse gestures, None / Ctrl and Shift modifiers for searching selected text or do other things in current or new tab (or in the background), a tab bar that will shrink the tabs size and show thumbnails when you hover it, (re-)load an image without having to reload the page, sessions, private tabs, TAB for form elements and spatial navigation, ability to select linked text from anywhere inside it, etc…

          • Jc says:

            well… there are addons for that! /me runs

          • Rafael says:

            :P yeah, exactly… Run because there’s no way Fx can offer and manage all that… (I’m not being rude but you just left me with that as the only answer)

          • Jc says:

            Yes, I admit there are a few things that firefox cant do and opera can. but for my personal use they are useless, Id like to apologize for my rudeness.

      • Conroy says:

        how exactly did the torrenting work? without utorrent installed i tried to download a torrent with opera and it just saved the .torrent file to the hard disk

        • Rafael says:

          A special dialog should appear and you need to select to open it with Opera, but note it isn’t available on Mac OS anymore since latest versions.

    • Cqoicebordel says:

      They used it *because* of the features.

      Now, show me a browser that can manage 100+ tabs and allow me to put the tab bar at the bottom of the page, and I will use it.
      Unfortunately, there is none. Except Opera. That’s what I’ll miss.

      • apád anyád says:

        I am not sure what do you mean by ‘bottom of the page’, but I use Firefox with 300+ tabs atm.

        • Rafael says:

          It means right-clicking the tab bar and choosing it to be positioned at the bottom.

          • apád anyád says:

            I see :) That one is true.
            While I would like to say that there is possibly a theme or add-on to solve this, not everyone likes to read this answer.

          • MMikah says:

            I prefer the address bar on the bottom of the page it makes it easier to catch spelling mistakes as I’m typing , you can have any toolbar on the top ,bottom left or right of the page.
            Other options for toolbars include being able to select having the tab bar use an extender menu or wrap the tabs to multiple lines , useful if you are stupid enough to always surf with 300 open tabs.
            The best option for control with 300 tabs would be to open the Windows panel.
            Opera is head & shoulders above Firefox for customizing the user interface when you download Opera you have multiple options in the installer including being able to install it to a folder as a portable version.

            My favorite feature is the integrated Mail another is being able to right click on the page for the context menu & select the open with option & choose from your installed browsers to open the page very useful lately with Opera 12 site comparability has never been worse.

      • Conroy says:

        Maxthon can also put the tabs on bottom, but its teh same shit as Opera, the only descent browsers are firefox and chrome, since they are the only ones with proper adblocking and firefox even has a good popup blocker… firefox and chrome are also full of shit, so dont get me wrong

    • jayjam says:

      Opera was bloated with nonsense features “lately”? How can that be when they started removing things like Unite, widgets, etc. with the latest version? Opera for Mac doesn’t even have BitTorrent anymore.

      Opera used to have more features in the past. Email has been there since Opera 4 or something like that.

      Looks like you just contradicted yourself in a major way.

    • jayjam says:

      A bit strange how Opera has a smaller footprint than browsers with far fewer features…

    • kkk says:

      Opera hardware acceleration despite not enabled by default works very good on most recent systems, it can make use of crossfiresli configurations.

      And i have to say, its damn faster with it enabled.

      I use opera because its safer and because of its usabilty, recently i found an independet review made in december,testing browsers anti phishing security , and opera scored 94%, the second was ie with only 82%, and chrome (webkit), just 72%!!!

      Changing to webkit will mean less security… right?
      i will use the last opera (PResto) version available for as long as i can…

      Ps. Surfing on YOutube and buffering 1080p videos, since version 12.13,its like flying.
      That does not happen with IE and Chrome, Firefox 19 its a bit better but not better than in Opera ( I have to say i like the smoothness of this firefox version!).

      But i have to agree with compabilities with websites, the last two versions started to crash sometimes on websites that i frequently use..

      Rip Opera.

  5. DM says:

    Opera was the best browser on dialup bar none, sadly things havnt been the same since v7

  6. jayjam says:

    Jon von T is dead?

  7. Mika Takala says:

    Nothing of value will be lost. Opera’s user interface, email client and all customize features will still be available. The change from Presto to Webkit will be done under the hood. Most users might not even notice it, and others will notice the increased performance and compatibility of websites.

    I just hope that memory usage will be as low as current Opera and that hardware acceleration will be available.

    For current users of Opera Browser, there is absolutely no reason to moan or to be afraid.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fix the title admin its actually 1994-2011(When jon left the company)

    True opera is with jon von t administration.

  9. Anonymous says:

    … in the words of Hunter S von Thomzchner

  10. dan7960 says:

    Okay, what everyone has apparently over looked from Opera’s recent annocment is that they specifically mentioned WebKit AND chromium. I wonder whether they are planning to implement isolated tabs and plugins along with WebKit, like chrome.

  11. cristianer says:

    GG Opera.