Qualcomm’s Mobile Web Browsing Benchmark

By | July 15, 2011

Recently, Qualcomm has revealed Vellamo, a mobile web browsing benchmark for Android devices.

Combining 11 different tests (including Sunspider and Google’s V8), Vellamo will check: JavaScript, networking and user experience performance.

Here is a complete list of all the benchmarks:

– See The Sun Canvas: Tests the performance of HTML 5 Canvas-based graphics.
– Deep Sea Canvas: Tests the performance of HTML 5 Canvas-based graphics.
– Aquarium Canvas: With many simultaneous objects, this stresses the performance of both the HTML 5 Canvas-based objects and the JavaScript engine.
– Pixel Blender: Measures the web graphics-related bandwidth available for blitting and blending operations.

– Surf Wax Binder: Tests the array performance of the browser’s bindings between the Browser and JavaScript engine
– Sun Spider (Online): Measures JavaScript performance using Rev 0.9.1 of the industry standard Sun Spider suite.
– V8 Benchmark (online): Measures JavaScript performance using rev 6 of the industry standard V8 benchmarking suite.

User Experience
– Ocean Flinger: This is a test that tests scrolling smoothness and performance using a demo news site.
– User Experience, Image flinger: Stress tests the browser scroll performance when using a page made up of dense images. May take a minute to load.
– Text Flinger: Stress tests the browser scroll performance using a text-heavy web page. May take a minute to load.

– Loader: Repeatedly loads and reloads a sample web page to determine HTTP networking stack performance. This happens quickly, and hence you may only see the base color background.

Vellamo is free and can be downloaded from the Android market.

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  1. Shane Bundy says:

    I think this benchmark is actually relevant by testing UI responsiveness. Not a lot of modern benchmarks consider that part of performance, or not yet anyway.