Pretty Colors – Firefox 3 Color Profile Support

By | April 30, 2008

FirefoxThis one is really interesting find. Deb Richardson always wondered why photos (colors to be exact) do look different in Photoshop and Firefox 2. As it turns out, this is due color profile support which Firefox 2 doesn’t support. The good news is that Firefox 3 supports color profiles, although it’s disabled by default. To see what it is all about, check the picture below:

Firefox 2 Photoshop

Notice the difference?

So why is it disabled by default? As it turns out, when color profile support is enabled, Firefox 3 performance decreases about 10-15% (performance tests). So yes, it’s not a good idea to keep this one enabled by default. Another problem is that plugins currently doesn’t support color profiles so colors may not match.

Here’s one more picture for you:

Firefox 3 vs Firefox 2 vs Photoshop

If you would like to turn this feature on, download and install Color Management add-on.

For more details and pictures, check Deb Richardson post.

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  1. 78HG says:

    Have down it, I only use Firefox 2, thank you share.