Maxthon Browser Beta Is Here

By | March 14, 2012

Maxthon Browser Beta Is Here

Overtakes Google Chrome in the HTML5 race.

The latest Beta version of Maxthon 3.3 web browser has been recently released and as it turns out, when it comes to HTML5, guys at Maxthon did a really good job as it beats the latest Chromium build by a slight margin.

According to the report, Maxthon scored 380+15 in the HTML5Test while Chromium reached “only” 379+9.

In addition to improved web standards support, the following version also includes a “Do Not Track” and automated update features that will be welcomed by pretty much all the Maxthon users.

Maxthon Browser Changelog

– Updated Side Bar Layout.
– Support HTML5 Application cache, Geolocation and Dom download.
– Support “Do Not Track”.
– Support Web Audio API.
– Automatic update of Maxthon Browser.

For a complete list of changes and download links, see the following post.

[Thanks, Shane]

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  1. tomkaten says:

    Yeah, but try running the IE Test page demos… Most are not supported, so what’s up with that ?

    Plus, in Sunspider, on a fast i5 2500 at least, some tests show 0 ms (NaN), which is an error… So it’s got the fastest time, but it doesn’t run the full real test.

    • Shane Bundy says:

      Mx3 runs a custom WebKit core but I have my suspicions that it’s not up-to-date at heart (not based on the 536.x branch, etc.)

      • tomkaten says:

        Nice info, Shane, but still, what’s the point in posting html5 test screens and bragging about its amazing conformance ? That’s what I don’t get, it’s even posted in their forums. only queries the browser capabilities, IIUC, but doesn’t run even the most basic test to check these capabilities, making its relevance somewhat limited.

        • Shane Bundy says:

          That’s true. Most of the time Maxthon suffers from rendering/layout bugs even though it uses WebKit, meaning it may support HTML5 standards but it may not support them correctly.

  2. Armin says:

    Hmmm, may give Maxthon a shot again. It seems to have come a long way and is competing with Opera when it comes to being the most complete web browser upon installation. It certainly has a better address bar as far as I recall!

  3. Liveideal says:

    why is Google Chrome still the NO.1 listed on the site?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look its Opera Maxthon

  5. adumpaul says:

    Maxthon 3.3 web browser is really done a great jobs.Its works nice for html 5.

  6. Mikael Dahl says:

    Remember this is beta, and you are comparing with Google Chrome stable…